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There is no single dominant party, but equal participants; no operations under the table, but openness and transparency;▓ no "winner taking it all," but mutual benefits and a▓ win-win situation, said Wang Yiwei, a professor with R▓enmin University o

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f China.Furthermore, the projects u▓nder the Belt and Road framework are in line with the basic norms of international laws and regulations and abide by internationally a▓ccepted business logic and operational model▓s.Just as President

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Xi said, the BRI is "a plan in the su▓nshine."HEAVY POLLUTER VS. GREEN CHAMPIONIs China exporting▓ "surplus production capacity" via the BRI, as doubted by some? Facts show the BRI is an epitome of a green champion rather than a diversion of pol

ected in Chinese investment and that B&R coo▓peration is transparent.Nothing could better exem▓plify the succe